A 15th floor contractor apartment has been transformed from a standard, plain apartment to an apartment full with sophisticated functionality and unusual colorfulness.

The apartment was divided into 3 living areas: a public space consisting of an inviting hallway, spacious living room with a sun balcony overlooking the Mediterranean (even on misty days) and landing airplanes at Ben-Gurion airport, a formal dining area overlooking a herb and flower garden, and a white, functional modern kitchen tacked away from the entrance.

The second area was designed as a separate space for a study/guest room with a pampering en suite.

The last area in the apartment was designated as a private space which includes 3 children bedrooms with a shared spacious, lighted bathroom, a space for making homework, and the inevitable dream master bedroom.

The children’s bedrooms were designed with a view for the short and long term. The two boys currently share a bedroom and play and create in the playroom. When it’s time for them to have separate spaces, everything is already planned for two bedrooms compete with all they need.

The dominant walls in the public and private spaces, the media wall in the living room, and the wall of the formal dining area were painted mysterious purple. The shining white color was chosen to star in the rest parts of the house and in the furniture. Imbuya wood countertops in the hallway and kitchen were chosen to induce warmth in the apartment.