A two-story contractor garden apartment becomes the dream apartment of a couple + 3 from Modi’in who wanted to live in the city and feel in the country.

The ground floor was designed such that all the day-to-day activities, including cooking, entertainment, homework and disorder would be able to be conducted in a relaxed, quiet way. When entering the house, we are welcome by a broad, inviting hallway that directs us to a bright, lit public space overlooking a well-groomed green garden.

The kitchen is designed in a modern style and is clean, white and minimalist. It hides behind a majestic breakfast bar which is the dominant feature in the kitchen. The breakfast bar was planned to accommodate up to 10 people and it is the real star and beating heart of the house.

For the second floor 3 children bedrooms were planned as well as a shared bathroom and a heavenly master bedroom.

To create an illusion of a spacious area in the suit, the wall separating between the bedroom and bathroom is made of glass, and when privacy is sought, the curtain can always be drawn.

A walk-in closet was planned for the suit incorporating a particularly thin LCD screen.

The color scheme in the garden apartment ranges between white, cream and brown to create an atmosphere of cleanliness, calmness and intimacy.