Six months and NIS 1.2 million: a childhood home from the 60’s becomes a New York inspired luxury apartment

A couple that returned to the apartment where the husband has grown up lets go of the past and redesigns the house with clean lines. Photos: Bernard Bar

A couple in their early fifties inherited the apartment where the husband has grown up in Givataiym. The 120 sq m apartment is located in an old building that was built in the 60’s in one of the old quarters in the city. Before the renovation, like many of the apartments built in the area at the time, the apartment had closed, dark spaces and a relatively low ceiling (2.5 m). The fact that the owner lived in the apartment as a child until his discharge from the army naturally resulted in emotional difficulties – going back to his parents’ house after they had gone and starting a new life there. At the outset he insisted that the kitchen had to be at the same place as mum’s kitchen and the living room had to be located at the same location as his dad’s living room, but when we started getting to the crux of things, he slowly realized that the house was not…

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