Project name: Vacation home

Property type: Detached house

Location: Alumot

Area: 160 sq m

Clients: a couple from the center

Overlooking some of the most beautiful views in Israel, a vacation house is situated at the expansion of Kibbutz Alumot. The view seen from the windows is of the Sea of Galilee, blue and serene, adorned with brown mountains; pastoral peace. Here, at the Sea of Galilee, Jesus walked on the peaceful water.

Surrounded by nature and representing refuge from the turmoil of the city, the house was planned as a weekend retreat. It is designed for majestic entertainment of a family from the center of the country, a place for large family gatherings, and a departure point for trips and hiking in the north.

The spectacular landscape is the main pivotal point in planning the public space.

A big-size kitchen and further to the countertops – an intimate dining area – allow both cooks and diners to enjoy the views of the Sea of Galilee. The equally formal dining area entirely faces the views.

The design of the living room allows watching TV, staring at the blue Sea of Galilee, and having a vivacious conversation with those working in the kitchen as the entire space is open, flowing and accessible.

The upper level houses the bed rooms, separately from the public area, in order to allow quiet, intimacy, and privacy.

Each bedroom was designed in a different color – purple, green, yellow, and pink.

The bathrooms are characterized by strong colors – turquoise, gold, and pistachio green.

One of the reasons for this strong color outburst in the house is to emphasize its difference from the clients’ day-do-day, “ordinary” house in the center of the country.

Another reason for the unusual colorfulness is to instill joy and energy in anyone who enters the house.

Project credits:

Kitchen: Isaac Albo
Flooring: Ruhama Sharon
Ceramics: Ruhama Sharon
Lighting: Yossi Ben-Shoham
Masonry: Isaac Albo

Photography: Ligthmill Studio
Design: Barbara Berzin
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