• Vast experience in planning and interior design in private and commercial projects

  • Barbara Berzin has accomplished over 1,500 successful projects over the last 30 years

  • Extensive experience in planning and designing of public spaces, shops and offices

  • Fundamental understanding of the client and professional ability create perfect designs

  • Designing a home to the measure of the household is paramount

  • The spectacular view is a major reference for the public space design

ברברה ברזין

Barbara Berzin Interior Designer

Berzin in the owner of the leading Interior Design office in Israel. She is also a senior lecturer and the owner of a boutique school in Tel-Aviv. Considered one of a handful of designers who set the trends that design our life in the following years.

Barbara was educated by the greatest Architects, winners of the Israel Award Ram Carmi and Ada Carmi Melamed.

During a magnificent career of over 30 years today, Barbara has accomplished over 1500 successful projects. The variety includes public buildings, commercial projects, villas and private homes, new apartments and renovations. Barbara's main expertise is in the private sector. A unique ability to bond with, and understand the customer joined with an outstanding professional ability results in practical and convenient homes and contented customers.

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Two years ago I turned to Barbara again, this time to design the office
Mine is located in the basement (yes, it is also lit …).
In the same professional way Barbara designed and designed the office
Shelly, who was just a pleasure working in it.
Barbara dear – just a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we love it
Osnat Ben-Ishay Rubinstein
Osnat Ben-Ishay RubinsteinPersonal Coach

You are the best, I think you're designer #1, since I live in the charming house you designed for me, I congratulate you every day on every smallest detail you thought of, and that without you would not have happened. You are a charming and respectful person who made me my dream home, Love you very much!

Osnat Mirseyev
Osnat MirseyevTel Aviv

As a customer (whom many have followed) I still enjoy a home that you have designed for us with great professionalism, you are awesome and continue to accompany us over the years with love and professionalism.

Tzafrira Tzachi
Tzafrira TzachiModi’in

Barbara, the only one, designed my home seven years ago and today I hired her again without hesitation. The professionalism, the originality, the patience and no end to her creativity. Barbara makes no compromises, everything must be perfect. Barbara's great soul creates unparalleled results. Perfect …

Bat Sheva Pachima
Bat Sheva Pachima
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