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About Barbara Berzin

Barbara is an Interior Designer specializing in planning and designing residences.

The specialty in her work is a precise, professional emphasis in designing all the house spaces. Barbara has many years of experience, with more than 1,500 projects of which many were published in the country’s leading magazines. In 1998 Barabara founded the boutique school for Interior Design in Tel-Aviv, the Studio for Interior Designers training that operates in the Master-Apprentice method. As the method’s pioneer in Israel, Barbara is actually the mentor and Maestro for many of the leading Interior Designers in the country. A paramount value in Barbara’s work is tailoring the house to its inhabitants’ exact measure, while keeping functionality and aesthetics – the combination adapted to her customers like a glove. Today the Studio operates in its new residence on 133 Hashminaim St. in Tel-Aviv, combined with Studio Barbara Berzin – the largest Interior Design studio in the country.

Barbara believes that homes must be planned with an egoless approach. The most important guests in a home are… the customers themselves. Barbara’s professional integrity is characterized by clarity of thought, inventiveness and affinity to details that are evident in her meticulous architecture work, that are both contemporary and timeless. Elegance without pretension, strong but not overpowering, soothing  but not ascetic. Barbara’s root are in the renowned offices of Ram and Ada Carmi. She is a senior lecturer in her field for many organizations and institutions, judge in “The Block” program on Channel 10, and a publisher of essays in many professional magazines and websites.


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