Jerusalem. Rehavia. A garden apartment, dark, crowded, strawn with support pillars,  and constructive walls, became an elegant, lighted spacious home. The apartment was divided into two sections: public and private with the public side facing the busy street, and the private side to a quiet, green backyard.

In the public area, emphasis was on a classic entrance: coat cupboard, key portico, and a big mirror, under which an electrical cabinet is hidden.

The kitchen was particularly designed for a kosher conscious family. The sinks were separated to allow for a dairy and meat work surfaces. And the stove is located in the middle of the celebration. Multiple, accessible storage spaces got special attention. Washing machine and drier were located in the spacious kitchen, hidden behind doors similar to all kitchen cabinets.

The heart of the public area is the festive dining room, hugged by a holy book library on one side, and a white piano on the other. To emphasize the dining room, the walls surrounding it were painted velvet gold, gold being a rustic color, emanating abundance and riches.

The elegant living room lays under a special ceiling, which opens to the sky in SUKOT allowing for a SUKKAH branch covering, creating a regularly SUKKAH.

The private space was planned having a parent suite with a ventilated, lighted bathroom. A white Onyx surface was installed for the cupboard sink, at night underneath lighting can be turned on providing romantic magical lighting also in the bathroom. In addition, an adolescent bedroom and a general spacious bathroom were planned .

The house portrays rustic country styling. Kitchen in white and cream, with rural framing and handles, natural oak surfaces, and old style windows. Light marble flooring. The color scheme chosen is soft, white and cream, with touches of gold and turquoise.