A two-story contractor garden apartment became the dream apartment for a young couple + 3 from Modi’in, who wanted to live in the city and feel in the country. The entrance floor was planned for all the daily activity, cooking, entertaining, homework and disorder to happen unhurriedly and pleasantly. Entering the house we are welcomed by a wide inviting lobby directing us into a clear, lighted public space that looks into a green well-kept garden.

The modern, white, minimalistic kitchen feels modest behind a majestic eating counter that gets the front stage. The eating counter is designed to accommodate up to ten people, and is the real star of the house and its beating heart.

The second floor plan has three children rooms with a common bathroom, and of course a dream suite for the parents. To create spaciousness illusion, the separation between the bedroom and bathroom is made of transparent glass, and for privacy one can always close the curtain. The suite also has a special wall cupboard with an inlaid thin LCD screen.

The color palette of the garden apartment spans between white, cream and brown that creates an atmosphere of cleanliness, calm and intimacy.